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Tech Landscape

A thousand feet view of the tools, platforms, languages that make today's technology landscape. This is my reference card to keep track of where all the new tools fit in the jigsaw of Enterprise IT, especially for a microservices + cloud native setup. >>


My tech notes uploaded in one place.. I follow the zettlekasten method of learning, documenting and connecting notes, which allows me to continue learning multiple technologies in small steps over time. The Slipbox is arranged so that the notes are easy to retrieve and to connect across the technology landscape today. >>


Essays on leadership. I have played leadership roles in some well know global companies. This section is a collection of reference material and my essays on topics related to people, projects, leadership and motivation. >>

About me

I love applying tech to solve real world problems. My day job involves work on cloud ops, but I love exploring automation, security tools, web dev, databases and much more in my free time. This site is a side project to document as many lessons, notes and observations as best as I can. Most of these come from my experience working with and leading some of the smartest people in the information technology sector. A few are based on my hands on projects. I am currently exploring AWS, Kubernetes, Svelte and Go.

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- Vikrant Payal


A collection of my hands-on projects, done while exploring technologies. I have typically focused on open source tools, tech when building these. >>

Cheatsheet Collective

Useful cheatsheets I have collected over the years. >>


Key professional updates >>